First United Methodist Church
Monday, February 19, 2018
FEED THE NEED Putting our faith into motion by feeding the body, mind and soul

10 Steps to Prayer

1.    Find a comfortable place where you won't be interrupted. Read several chapters of one of the Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. 


2.    Close your eyes: give thanks for three things.  Move toward God and away from self-sufficiency.

 3.    Ask God to bless and help three other people who you believe may need God's help today.  Move toward others and away from self-centeredness.

 4.    Ask God to forgive your sins and mistakes as you confess them; ask God to give you the strength to forgive.

 5.    Ask God to help one other person that you find hard to like. Ask for insight into that person's problems and how you may allow God's love to flow through you.

 6.    Ask to be sensitive today toward the needs of one person with whom you may share God's love by word and deed.

 7.    Ask for insight into your own personal problems.

 8.    Ask for help in achieving your personal goals.

 9.    Ask God to tell you the most important thing you need to do

 today in order to “seek first His kingdom.”

10.  Listen for three minutes for what God may say to you.

  Close with the Lord's Prayer










































































Prayer Chain

 Please remember to lift up those below in prayer daily and give thanksgiving for those requesting it:


Pray for: 

Vern & Jeanne French;
Ken Downes;
Norm Sanborn;
Tammy Buckman;
Beverly Smith;
Lynn Russell;
Elaine Mallaber;
Helen Marison;
Ben Combs & family;
Margaret & Jake Rezendes;
Chris & James Lotter and family;
Marian Veno;
Jane Snyder - prayers for healing;
Jim Cann;
Prayers for Julie;
Prayers for the Correia family;
Norman Mercier – cancer;
Lisa Milliard – biopsy this week;
Buster Brownell – recovering from a heart attack;
Alejandra Hernandez Parsell turns 5 on Thursday;
Gloria Hartford (Jo Ellen Meehan's mom) – went into Mt. View last Monday 
– first time she has been separated from her husband, Bill, in 62 years;
Laure Mackey and her sons Ben & Chris as they watch husband / dad slip away;
Judie & Ron Town – Karen Manning's parents – Judie has Alzheimer's & Ron 
is the caregiver - safe travel for Michael to visit & help;
Safe travel back home for Diane & Arty today;
Julie as she begins her transplant on Wednesday at Dartmouth for cancer 
– she'll be there for 3 weeks;
Seth Jones celebrating 1 year in remission;
Celebration – Alex Wilderman will be 21 years old on Friday, February 17th;
Vern & Jeanne French;
Mrs. Briggs – healing for her father;
Diane & Dick Lerrette – healing;
Ken Downes;
Norm Sanborn – healing;
Tammy Buckman – car accident;
Elaine Mallaber;
Helen Marison;
Ben Combs & family;
Margaret Rezendes;
Jake Rezendes;
Chris Lotter & family;
Marian Veno – healing;
Beverly Smith – seizure caused by heart attack and car accident;
Prayers for family & friends still looking for Paul Francis III;
Thanks for the prayers and thoughts for Maryann who is feeling much better;
Bob Fowler – fire damaged his shop / barn.  He escaped w/o injury but 
all his tools & shop materials are lost;
Family of Diane Cliche who passed away this week;
Those fighting addiction;
Roger Berube – complications from surgery;
Paul C. - fighting blood disease;
Joys – Dec. 23 will be wedding day for Dan Henderson & Kelly;
Dec. 23 – happy 49th anniversary to Dan & Ann Moynihan and Kent & Diane 
Congrats to Spencer Lindsay! He will be interning with the Boston Bruins 
spring semester;
Aileen traveling today;
Service men & women stationed around the world;
 Gerry McDevitt & family;
Vern & Jeanne French – safe travel for Jeanne back from Florida;
Mrs. Briggs – healing for her father;
Ken Downes;
Tammy Buchman - car accident;
Julie - for healing;
Elaine Mallaber;
Helen Marison – healing;
Marian Veno – healing at Northeast Rehab;
Ben Combs and family;
Margaret Rezendes – prayers for strength;
Jake Rezendes – prayers for the Lord to deliver him down the right path;
Correia family – prayers they are stationed close by;
Chris Lotter and family;
Norm Sanborn – recovery from surgery;
Safe travel for the Fortiers;
Dick Flanagan – cancer;
Dick Parker – birthday Fri. 12/2 – the old coot;
Sally Dyer & seven other ladies for traveling to New York City next 
Saturday, Dec. 3rd;
Marlene Guay – having knee surgery Dec. 9 – going to be laid up 6 – 8 weeks;
Hannah Heselton as she leaves Uganda to travel home after being there 6 
Vincent Stallone – praise for an amazing recovery and prayers continued 
Traveling mercies for our college students and family and friends 
returning to school and home;
Those suffering from depression and who are hurting;
Nancy – who is dealing with multiple serious health problems;

New great great grandson of Marian Veno – Caleb Brian Anderson;
Felicia Orchard;
Prayers for healing for Peter Pelletier, prayers also for his family;
Prayers for Jonathan;
Prayers for Stan & Gail Lapham – for health concerns;
Alicia – a young woman with terminal cancer;
Prayers of celebration for all our November birthdays – cake in Hurd 
Hall during coffee hour;
Grif, Linda & their 3 young children who are being evicted from their 
home and as of today have nowhere to go;
Mario who is experiencing serious medical issues;
Erin Kelly – birthday today;
Steven Bramer & Scott Bramer – bone marrow transplant;
Ken & Donna Downes – loss of Ken's mother Louise Langlois on Friday;
Chris Parsell – surgery this week;
Richard Booth & family;
Karen Boston & family;
Patrice Hunt – birthday Tues. Nov. 8;
Lily Hunt - 10th birthday Nov. 4th;
Lisa Hernandez Parsell – Wed. Nov. 9 birthday;
William Casey – birthday Sat. Nov. 12;
Beverly Cormier – birthday Sat. Nov. 12;
Julie for healing;
Gerry McDevitt and family;
Vern & Jeanne French;
Mrs. Briggs – healing for her father;
Ken Downes – cancer;
Tammy Buckman – car accident;
Paul Howard – birthday Tues. Nov. 8;
Elaine Mallaber;
Helen Marison;
Marian Veno – healing;
Ben Combs and family;
Margaret Rezendes;
Jake Rezendes;
Chris Lotter and family;