First United Methodist Church
Friday, April 18, 2014
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10 Steps to Prayer

1.    Find a comfortable place where you won't be interrupted. Read several chapters of one of the Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. 


2.    Close your eyes: give thanks for three things.  Move toward God and away from self-sufficiency.

 3.    Ask God to bless and help three other people who you believe may need God's help today.  Move toward others and away from self-centeredness.

 4.    Ask God to forgive your sins and mistakes as you confess them; ask God to give you the strength to forgive.

 5.    Ask God to help one other person that you find hard to like. Ask for insight into that person's problems and how you may allow God's love to flow through you.

 6.    Ask to be sensitive today toward the needs of one person with whom you may share God's love by word and deed.

 7.    Ask for insight into your own personal problems.

 8.    Ask for help in achieving your personal goals.

 9.    Ask God to tell you the most important thing you need to do

 today in order to “seek first His kingdom.”

10.  Listen for three minutes for what God may say to you.

  Close with the Lord's Prayer










































































Prayer Chain

 Please remember to lift up those below in prayer daily and give thanksgiving for those requesting it:


Pray for:                                                               Reasons for prayer:

Emily & Nick Kutkowski – baby girl;

Rita Ward – recovering from surgery;

Danny Skammels – in the hospital;

Family of Carol Johnson – passed away Tuesday; Eben's surgery went well – still in Mass General; Surviving Vets of Pearl Harbor; For all those struggling w/ addictions – may God guide them down the correct path; Carolyn Chick who is dealing w/ health issues; Margaret Rezendes – infected gall bladder will need surgery; For all those who find the holidays to be a difficult time; Adam – having health concerns; Magdalyn Correia having to deal w/ serious cough; Patty Quigley – back to doctors this week; Ryan – recently hit by car – fighting for his life & the person who hit him; Donna who lost husband, brother and brother-in-law all in one month; Everyone effected by the weather; Elaine Leughmyer doing well – no cancer; April Morgan – medical test this week; Tyler Kniphfer – senior at Tri City Christian had surgery this week after bad car accident – long road of recovery shattered knee, ligaments and meniscus; Zuschlag family – another Tri City Christian family displaced after their home fire last Sunday in Lebanon, ME – now living in a hotel; Art & Jerry Nickless as Art continues his chemo; Andrew Schafer turns 7 on Wednesday; Gloria's brother Gene Lepp having back surgery on Tuesday – he is 90; Raymond Crannell – quadruple bi-pass surgery Monday morning; Mandy & Mike – safe travels for coming home; Sara Mae Janvrin – blessings of peace as she lost her husband to cancer; Amy Boesch's mother who is in York Hospital for diagnosis – has had cancer in the past; Those looking for work; Those who are getting over an injury; Brandi Paige – healthy pregnancy; Jade Paige – continued strength; Rejoice with blessings for Gloria Stiles; Jim Cann – tests;

Kevin Kenia - medical test;
Brooke Carter McLaren - Boston Children's Hospital with meningitis;
Carlene - lung cancer;
Carolyn Byrd - strength
to help her through a recent diagnosis;
Carly Weeks - 2 year old had a brain scan, MRI next;
Paul - continued healing;
For all those fighting or caring for a person with cancer;
For all those looking for employment – help them to find what they seek;
Rowen Byers (age 2) rare genetic disorder – weekly to Chicago – clinical trials;
All the students & teachers returning to school;
Pauline LeClair – lung transplant;
Bill Marcoux – shut in due to illness;
Bill & Gloria Hartford – Gloria had a fall;
Dan – grief for a year – new direction actively seeking God now;
Child, Carly, no brain tumor – good news – thanks & praise for healing;
Felicia & Scott facing challenges & hurdles;
Thanksgiving for Pete & Candice;
Robert Molinaro's dad walking without a cane;
Tom Sturtevant – chemo #11 tomorrow – it's the next to last one;
The homeless & the sick & the people out of work & looking for work & the unemployed;
Spencer Lindsay's 17th birthday on Friday;
Thank you for all your prayers for Jade Paige, we will continue to search for a treatment facility for her;
Bob – ALS getting worse - & Patti & son caregivers;
CJ & Chip;
Julie to get the job she has been seeking;
Steven (Pete Dow's grandson) – 35 had a heart attack – is okay;
Monarch School of New England for a productive and successful school year;
Art Nickless – dealing with cancer and chemotherapy and his wife Jerry who is helping him deal with the side effects;
Kristen headed off to Elmira this week – enjoy all the endeavors college life brings;
Tom Wise who is competing in the Louisville Ironman today;
Daniel Hamburg;
Thanks & gratitude to John of Next Level Church for his honesty & caring;
Cindy Simon as she has her third chemo treatment on Thursday;
Stu Simon as he faces a coming layoff from his job;
The Simon's dog Charley as he faces medical tests this week;
Thanksgiving for people who act as Christians;
Lorraine – stage 1 colon cancer – surgery on Monday;
Rachel – breast cancer – double mastectomy on Wednesday, August 28;
Family of Dennis Clark;

Jennifer Murphy who is having day surgery at Wentworth Douglass Hospital on Thursday.  She is having her gall bladder removed.

Gail Lapham, in the hospital having blood transfusions. In very poor health.

Susan Lapham, My daughter-in-laws sister, is also in the hospital with poor health.

Cheryl Webber – tests for cancer;

Robert, Cameron & Corin Molinaro – safe travels on return from NY; Prayers for Trae; Prayers of thanksgiving, of good health for Diane McManus – her cancer is still in remission; Henry & Diane McManus as they are vacationing in Bar Harbor the next few weeks; Lisa Routhier – for the upcoming eye procedure, healing and no more problems; Joe, Nate & Jonah Routhier; Brian Smith – stroke on his way here from Florida, 2 children who need prayers too; Bob with ALS & Patti & son who are caregivers; Chip & CJ; Lois & Roland; Barbara – kidney failure – getting dialysis along with getting aggressive chemo treatments – currently in Portsmouth Hospital ICU; Margot & Ken – Ken passed away this week from cancer; Greg Marzoli (age 9 grandson of Kent & Diane) – broken wrist – prayers for healing; Hilda Hobaugh who lost her life to tuberculosis – Howard her husband, Lynda Nester her daughter, Kim Romign her granddaughter and Shelby Nester her granddaughter; David Shambaugh (friend of Dawn Nester) who is hospitalized from a stroke, recovery & healing from surgery related to the stroke to relieve brain pressure; Family of Cecile Mowrey who passed away yesterday; Jackie Gesis – health issues; Joy – David Phillips returning to work after wearing neck brace 3 months; God's strength for Med as she makes the transition to congregate living – Charpentier Apartments in Somersworth; Julie Wood's daughter & son-in-law wedding anniversary today; Julie Wood's son-in-law Phil Turk made Chief in the Navy; Eileen Parsell as her dementia has worsened in the last couple of weeks; Aiyana Allen at RSCM Camp in Newport, RI. Similar to what Corin did in NYC; Bill & Gloria Hartford; Kids going to Wanakee; Sara Howard – troubled pregnancy; Cindy Simon – has her second round of chemo this coming Thursday – prayers are welcomed;

Prayers And Condolences:

Family of Paulene Robbins, Family of Marion Strawbridge, Family of Roberta Nute


Prayers and Concerns:

Caleb Cook, Tom and Stephanie Coucis, Lia Grace & mom, Joan Folger, Don Barnes, Jeanne French, Mitzi Witt, Helen Pennell, Liam & Izzy Brill, Mark Tuttle, Jade Paige, Al Cook, Art Nickless, Laurie Shirtliff, Eric & April Morgan, Marsha & Remi Strackany, Kathleen George, Gail Lapham, Roy Brill, Sandi Suydam, Lois & Roland Hofemann, Chip & CJ Suydam, Ethel Smith, Beth Allard, Gloria Hartford, Darlene Corliss, Capt. Edward Klein, Mary Jorgenson, Joseph, Nate & Jonah Routhier, Cindy Simon, Diane McManus, Carrie Foss, Bill Zollo, Barbara Gadbois, Patricia Combs, Lisa Routhier, Tom Sturtevant, Francis Ortiz, Marcia Crannell, Doris Provencher, Ralph & Jean Hilton, Ann Whitford, Kelly Hearn, Kaitlyn Winders, Roger Renaud, Corin Molinaro, Bill Hoelscher, Daniel Hamburg, Cathy Hanson, Donna Esposito, Sandy Skammels, Pam Grimard


Congratulations & Celebrations:

Chelsea Molinaro's daughter Sophia born 6/18, Shannon & Rick Wittshire –

6 year anniversary, Mathew & Kristen Molinaro – married on 6-22-13, Spencer Lindsay, Chris Molinaro & Sam Fortier attend Boys State at River University, Marriage of Alicia Downes and Jonathan Banville, Gib & Kelly Hearn - 23rd anniversary, Gary Leughmyer's grandson Hunter Boulard baptized


Prayers For The Ministry We Support:

We Support Dr. Belinda Forbes & Family


Barbara Gadbois had gallbladder surgery prayers for recovery and praises that the surgery went well. 


The sick & the homeless & the people out of work & looking for work & unemployed; Daughter Mary that injured knee wound heals & granddaughter Emilie travels safely; Praise & thanksgiving – the prayer shawl you blessed two weeks ago is on its way to Dawn Nester's friends new home in Colorado Springs, CO; Patricia Combs (Rich's mom) – health & decisions; Lisa Routhier – healing of an eye infection; Homeless at My Friend's Place; Barbara Gadbois (Norma Bourne's sister); New grandson 4 weeks old; Marion Strawbridge passed away (friend of the Kenia's); Cheryl Wachter's mom Shirley; All who suffer from addiction; Jade Paige – being accepted for Blue Sky Residence at Connecticut; Family of Roberta Nute (passed away yesterday); Tom Sturtevant – chemo #8 is tomorrow – after done with this one, he'll be 2/3 of the way through his treatments; Francis Ortiz - Loss of Dog due to kidney disease;


CJ & Chip;

Lois & Roland;

Bob with ALS & family;

Beth Allard – healing;

Gib & Kelly Hearn – 23rd anniversary;

Gloria Hartford – day surgery on Tuesday; Flood victims; Prayers for Jo & Tasha & Baby – finding a home; Prayers for Gail Lapham; Darlene Corliss is having an operation this Tuesday; Darlene Corliss' Mom having pain in back; Happy birthday to Med Tibbetts; Jeanne French is at home recovering from pneumonia; Continued prayers for Capt. Edward Klein – doing really well but a long road ahead – learning to use his new legs; Mary Jorgenson – help finding a new home; Joseph, Nate & Jonah Routhier – closer walk with God; Cindy Simon – prayers as she continues to recover from cancer; Wanakee & Mechuwana campers & leaders; Art Nickless – starting chemo this week; Diane McManus; Ethel Smith (103 years old) – healing & comfort;


Mitzi Witt (Rita Ward's mom);

Helen Pennell – hospital;

Shannon & Rick Wittshire – 6 year anniversary today; Liam & Izzy Brill as they fly to Arizona today; Mark Tuttle – recovering from surgery for colon cancer; Jade Paige; Jeanne French – Frisbie ICU with pneumonia; Al Cook – hospice care; Mathew & Kristen Molinaro – married 6-22-13; Art Nickless; Laurie Shirtliff (a youth minister) – husband died suddenly; Eric & April Morgan – strength; Marsha & Remi Strackany (friends of Dawn Nester) – lost their home in the Colorado wildfires; Kathleen George – receiving chemo & immune prescriptions; Spencer Lindsay, Chris Molinaro & Sam Fortier who will attend Boys State at River University this week; Happy birthday to Donna Downes; Happy birthday to Marian Veno; Celebration of marriage – Alicia Downes (Ken & Donna's granddaughter) to Jonathan Banville; Gail Lapham is in the hospital with health concerns – she is the mother of Gerry McDevitt's daughter-in-law; Prayers of thanks – Thanks to the Lord for staying with Roy Brill and giving strength – thanks to all those that prayed for Roy during a difficult time and for its positive outcome; Lois & Roland; Sandi Sudam – pain; Chip & CJ;


Please also find attached a Word document containing the latest Permanent Prayer Chain list. I will also put those names in the body of this email down below as well. -Dennis


Christopher Lotter & family

Eben Tompson (child)

Chris McManus

Jason Twardus

Ben Battis

Winders family

Bob and Carol Berger

Liz Moller (child)

Sue & John Tweedy

Avis Johnson

Jean Martin

John Sheehan

All Military

Marjorie Ollila

Nancy Eramo

Bob Guyup & Darlene

Jacob Roberts (child)

Ron Pelchat

Mike Seaver

Carol Rawski

Chris Bouwan

Dana Austin

Jade Paige

Ruth Young

Dan Skammels

Diane McManus

Verna Burchell

Maxine Brownell



Dale (bi-polar & homeless)

Jim Knibbs

Bob w/ALS & wife Patti & sons who are caregivers

Jen, Nick, Ethan & Emerson

 All affected by tornadoes & flooding;

Tom Sturtevant – chemo #5 is Tuesday;

Lynn – health problems;

Jade Paige;

Chip & CJ;

Bob – ALS & Patti & son caregivers;

Michele – Marine boot camp;

Gloria Hartford – in hospital since Wed. - heading to Rochester Manor today; The family of John Waterhouse; Corey LaPlume – bone marrow transplant; 2nd great-grandchild – Finlay Cushing; Marcy Ashley – C-section on Friday – very dangerous situation; Timothy graduated from Coe-Brown; Andrea – visiting family; Toby Meile – starting chemo on Thursday; Marcia Crannell (Brad Crannell's mother) – was in the hospital last week with heart problems, now home; Praise the Lord! Kayla threw binky away; Linda Pelka – throat cancer battle; Praise the Lord – James Morrow just graduated from Coe-Brown Northwood Academy; Joe, Nate & Jonah Routhier – to keep close relationship with God; Shelly Houston – recovery; Becky & Dave; Alicia Schuft safe travel; Sandy Skammels husband;

Jim Knibbs.  She would like him to be on the permanent list, if list is still available.  Jim is having monstrous headaches daily that last for hours.  This has been going on for a year now and began after he had a viral brain infection and was given intravenous drugs.  He is going to have to go on disability because the headaches are so debilitating.  Please lift Jim Knibbs up into prayer.

Minnette Wood—terminal Cancer

Danny Skammels—Medication

Pam Grimard possible job opportunity

Alicia Schuft  needs prayers

Please lift up into prayer Jessica Charbonneau and family.

The homeless and people out of work and looking for work and the unemployed and the sick people who we all pray for them; Tom Sturtevant goes for chemo treatment #4 tomorrow; Art Nickless – health issues; Jen Gustafson – continued prayers for the job interview – should hear by next week – also she graduates college next Sunday; Birthday on Tuesday for Dan Saucier the old one; Gene Lepp – doing better going to specialist Monday; EW & Ruth Hoelscher who are traveling for next 2 weeks; Continued prayers for Bill Hoelscher & Daniel Hamburg; Peace in our homes, communities and the world; Jackson Grant (4 mos. Old) who will be going to Maine medical this week for tests; Louise Lavertue; Jordan Smith - 12th birthday today; Cindy Edgerly & family for her daughter Beth Allard at Brigham & Womens ICU recovering from surgery for a brain aneurysm – celebrate her progress & pray for her recovery; Celebration – Linda Smith is “Seacoast Mother of the Year”; Jen Bennett – medical tests; Marian Veno – for her health; CJ & Chip; Bob – ALS & Patti & son caregivers; Michael – Marine boot camp; Lois & Roland; Sandi – pain; Corey LaPlume – in Maine Medical Center; Ester Blaisdell – cancer of the pancreas; Jessica – breast cancer; Al – lost job; Blackadar family – James Blackadar passed away unexpectedly – memorial service this week; Richie - metastatic melanoma; Bill & Gloria Hartford; Dillon Girard- student of Scott Mayotte – 17 yo diagnosed with cancer – started chemo this past week; Toby Meile for testing; Joe, Nate & Jonah Routhier; Shelly Houston – to have faith in God; Charlee Breen family – to have faith; Christopher – had a seizure at school on Friday – prayers that anti-seizure medication will work;

4 yr. Old Lindsey having her tonsils removed tomorrow; Daughters, sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren; Dick Hyzak – mental degeneration; Prayers for Dave; Pat Cox – surgery Friday (Jessie Boucher's granddaughter); Norma & Bob Bourne - 53rd anniversary on May 14; Norma – Happy Mother's Day & Happy Anniversary & Happy Birthday; Our children who live with domestic violence; Jen, Nick, Ethan & Emerson; Minnette Wood — terminal cancer; Danny Skammels — medication; Pam Grimard - possible job opportunity; Alicia Schuft - needs prayers;