First United Methodist Church
Friday, October 21, 2016
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10 Steps to Prayer

1.    Find a comfortable place where you won't be interrupted. Read several chapters of one of the Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. 


2.    Close your eyes: give thanks for three things.  Move toward God and away from self-sufficiency.

 3.    Ask God to bless and help three other people who you believe may need God's help today.  Move toward others and away from self-centeredness.

 4.    Ask God to forgive your sins and mistakes as you confess them; ask God to give you the strength to forgive.

 5.    Ask God to help one other person that you find hard to like. Ask for insight into that person's problems and how you may allow God's love to flow through you.

 6.    Ask to be sensitive today toward the needs of one person with whom you may share God's love by word and deed.

 7.    Ask for insight into your own personal problems.

 8.    Ask for help in achieving your personal goals.

 9.    Ask God to tell you the most important thing you need to do

 today in order to “seek first His kingdom.”

10.  Listen for three minutes for what God may say to you.

  Close with the Lord's Prayer










































































Prayer Chain

 Please remember to lift up those below in prayer daily and give thanksgiving for those requesting it:


Pray for: 


In Our Thoughts and Prayers

Please prayer for Joann Schafer who will be having knee surgery on 

Thursday, August 18.


Elaine Menard's brother in recovery;
Warren Carr's 80th birthday this coming week;
Diana Craggy's grandchild 2nd birthday;
Prayers for all the saints;
Ben Combs 18th birthday today;
Pat Combs birthday this week;
Sharon Parker – her team at work was outsourced;
Sharon & Dick Parker's 47th anniversary;
Continued prayers for Ray Keefe who is at home recovering from a stroke;
Father Dan Sinibaldi in hospice care;
Prayers for peace & sanity in the world;
Family of Med Tibbetts – calling hours Tuesday at 1:00 followed by a 
memorial service at 2:00;

Prayers and Concerns:

Elaine Mallaber, Med Tibbetts, Vern & Jeanne French, Father Dan Sinibaldi, Tim Hill, Marilyn Berry, Jessica Parker, Raab family, Jacob Correia, McManus family, Bill & Gloria Hartford, Lisa & Jim Russell, Judy Cesati, Frances Molinaro, Catherine Berube, Janet Hilber, Dacia Ramirez, Bernard Patch, Billy Manning, Annette Michaud, Mary Clark, Gloria Stiles, Maxine Brownell, Chris Lotter, Cassandra Routhier, Joseph Routhier, Edna Carr, Sandra Clough, Judy Putnam, Catherine Putnam, Kiah Letourneau, Gail McManus, Jen Ham, Carolyn Chick, Linda Brake, Leonard Gardner & family, Jake Rezendes, David Hutchins, Mitch Lipka


Congratulations & Celebrations:

Kent & Diane Marzoli - 48th anniversary on Dec. 23, Dan & Ann Moynihan - 48th anniversary on Dec. 23, Congratulations Rob Sturtevant – accepted at Keene State College, Seth Jones treatments completed, in remission


Prayers For The Ministry We Support:

We Support Dr. Belinda Forbes & Family