First United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 22, 2016
FEED THE NEED Putting our faith into motion by feeding the body, mind and soul
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Announcements and Upcoming Events

All Saints Sunday is November 6, there will be tables set up in the chapel and sanctuary for people to display photos of loved ones/saints who have passed on before us. Please bring in your photos in for this display.

A Word From Finance  

While the call to faithful stewardship of all God's resources shared with us is a year-round and lifelong endeavor, October has traditionally marked the beginning of "Stewardship Season" in our church.  As we enjoy the bright colors and brisk temperatures that the fall brings to New England, let us also reflect on how blessed we are with time, talent, and treasure, and how we might show our thankfulness in ways that are meaningful for our congregation, community and world.  


One biblical way to express our gratitude to God is by bringing the "first fruits of our labors" before God. In ancient times this was expressed by tithing - the practice of bringing the first 10% of what people earned, made, or harvested to the temple as an offering to God.  That practice has become the model Christians have sought to follow into the modern era, with some slight, but significant changes. First, tithing has become a goal, not the norm.  The tithe is supposed to be the place we start, rather than the goal we strive for.  The tithe was the expected contribution.  The offering was over and above that amount. The second change is the relaxing of the concept of first fruits.  First fruits are the best, the top tier, the most flawless, the most valuable that we garner.  Today, gifts brought before God tend to be leftovers.  Finally, in biblical times the tithe was brought to the temple with great celebration.  It was a joy to present one's tithe, because it felt good to be faithful to God who was always faithful to the people. When was the last time presenting our gifts felt good, meaningful, even joyful!


As we enter into this season dedicated to giving and gratitude, may we enter it prayerfully, faithfully, and joyfully.  You will be receiving more information as we move through this important time together. 


Stay tuned...

 Meditation class

Beginner? looking to deepen your practice?

~all are welcome~ 

Located at  first united methodist church

34 South Main Street

rochester, nh

$10 per class

Classes will be held on

the 4th Monday of every month:

monday october  24th 10-11am

monday november 28th 10-11am

monday december 12th 10-11am

(due to holidays)

taught by Cindy Simon, m.a., ncc, Reiki master 

See sign-up sheet in the church welcome center 



learn to live meditatively…cultivating acceptance, non-judging, patience, gratitude, serenity, joy, & become a better listener, and sleep better, feel more calm, inner peace!

do you live in the moment?

are you aware of your breath? 







 Financial Peace University

What a difference 9 weeks can make.   After leading two Financial Peace University (FPU) classes I am continually surprised at how eye opening this experience has been.  Yes it is the middle of summer and soon we will be back in the throws of the busy fall.  Fall is another great time to organize your finances.  You might be thinking “Well, I make good money, but I still struggle to make my bills or wonder why I can’t  give more money to the church?  FPU is your answer.  The next class begins Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. here at FUMC.

Contact Gibson Hearn with any questions at 603-781-3828 or log onto  to register for this class.



Acolyte Ministry

 The first act of worship in our church is the entrance of the light of Christ. What a great honor to symbolically lead God's people into the presence of Christ!  Young people often don't actively participate in worship.  Starting worship, helping with Baptisms, Communion, and Offering are active participation and important teaching moments for our youngest.  As important as this is for the young, Adults are welcome as well.   For more information feel free to contact Kevin G. Lindsay, Director of Music and Acolyte coordinator.  



If you have been attending First United Methodist Church and would like to explore joining our fellowship officially as a member,  or if you have any questions, or are interested in learning please contact Pastor Jeff.


Liturgists  Needed

We welcome the fresh perspective and variety each reader brings to the pulpit on Sunday mornings.  Of course, we always appreciate the contributions of those who sign up regularly, looking forward to their continued participation.  So, as we embark on the journey, let’s share the joy of sharing His word with one another.   Sign-up sheets for 8:30 or 10:00 service (your preference) are available in the Welcome Center. Thank you for your support.


Savior  Coins

The Finance Committee wants all to know that Coins for Christ will be running again this Fall!  The exact start-up date will be determined later but between now and then, save your (Savior) coins.


Fellowship Hour is coming back soon!!!
Now that Hurd Hall will be finished and ready for use, it will be fun to get back to hosting Fellowship hour again. N.O.W  Committee will be hosting the 1st Sunday of each month and celebrate birthdays. I encourage each committee and individuals to sign-up.  We’re looking forward to fun Fellowship time in the future!   Coffee Hour Sign-up sheet is located on the bulletin board in the Welcome Center. 


N.O.W. Mission of the Month

~ October will be collecting donations paper good products that will be split between the church & homeless shelters.  We are looking for paper towels, paper plates/bowls, hot & cold cups and other paper good items. 

~November ~ We are collecting food items for our food baskets that will be out given by N.O.W Committee for Thanksgiving & Christmas.